Online Sweepstakes Reviews is coming... Our mission is to educate sweepers about different sweepstakes web sites - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and help sweepers in their quest to win!

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We are nearly ready to start development and want to include what you would like to see. Thank you!

Here are a few questions you might want to ask before joining an online sweepstakes web site:

Q: Should I pay for access to online sweepstakes information that companies across the internet are making freely available?

A. It may be worth a small donation as a time saver, but then again you may be putting your hard earned cash up for grabs. One sweepstakes web site has been known to charge you for access to sweepstakes information, ban you so you can no longer access that information, and leave you high and dry without any refund or explanation. Remember - companies are running sweepstakes as a means to get more exposure, build their user marketing lists, and hopefully sell some products. They are not trying to hide this information and most sweepstakes can be found for free.

Q: Should I sign up for a sweepstakes web site that is known to publish personal details about past members on its web site and make public requests for people to submit private information about past members?

A: Of course not. Reputable companies would never publicly attack past customers. If you see this type of activity BEWARE as it could be your information showing up where you least expect it next.

Q. Should I check out the Better Business Bureau's records of a sweepstakes web site before using it?

A. If you are planning to give them money YES! Believe it or not, once you start with a sweepstakes web site and get used to their tools and your fellow sweepers nothing is worse than suddenly having a bad customer service experience, so check before you get actively involved. We will be publishing BBB records and giving you information on how to find out more on your own.

Q. I just want to join a sweepstakes site and start sweeping quickly. Is there any place where I can get user reviews and information about different sweepstakes web sites quickly?

A. Yes - here - and soon. We will be working hard to provide you what you need to start sweeping and start winning!

Believe it or not, the scenarios in the first three questions have all happened on one web site, which is one reason we have decided to offer these services - so you don't live through what we have. We want a place where you can learn from other people's experiences without losing your money, without having personal information exposed on the internet by shady administrators, and without having to worry about the reputation of the site you are joining up with.

Stay tuned...

In the meantime - here is a very inexpensive way to get started entering online sweepstakes from a company that has proved responsible with your private information (so far) - search Google for "sweepstakes"! - and have fun!


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